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Nvidia’s own high end tablet coming in Q1 2014

by on08 August 2013

Logan Tegra 5, EU and US distribution

We all know that Nvidia is working on a 7-inch tablet that should end up with stylus support and a low price tag. We already mentioned that here.

In addition to this cheap and cheerful tablet, Europe-based sources are telling us that the company plans to launch a high-end tablet under its own brand, similar to what Nvidia did with the Shield console. The specification includes Tegra 5, a chip that we know as Logan. It comes with Kepler graphics and the first indication is that this piece of GPU silicon will leave the competition sitting in the dust.

We have to commend Nvidia’s sales machine for the decision to include at least the wealthier parts of the European Union into its launch scheme. Nvidia deliberately chose USA and Canada for the Shield launch as this market is much less segmented than chubby old Europe.

Once Nvidia learns how to do the retail and etail distribution and gets back on track with retail / etail product marketing, it will expand its hardware operations to Europe.

Nvidia is fighting lot of big names and OEMs with their own products, but hopefully it will turn out better for them than it did for Microsoft. However, the market for high-end Android tablets will remain limited and the Nvidia’s Logan tablet will have to slug it out with the iPad 5. It won’t be easy to say the least.

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