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Codename “Stingray” to be $99

by on09 April 2013

New low-cost Xbox 360 console

As we have told you previously, our sources continue to tell us that Xbox Next isn’t going to offer any backward compatibility. We are now hearing that Microsoft is planning to address this issue by offering a $99 version of the Xbox 360 console that is apparently code-named “Stingray.”

With the release of the affordable $99 Stingray, it is quite possible that Microsoft could answer the backward compatibility question very easily by suggesting that users will still be able play their old Xbox 360 titles with this unit. In addition, it would make an excellent media streamer that could give the likes of other $99 streamers cause for concern.

As has been talked about before, the magical $100 price point could open the door for Microsoft to a new group of users that have been sitting on the fence, or who own another console and have wanted to add an Xbox 360 to their collection.

The rumors about the “Stingray” have been confirmed by Windows blogger Paul Thurrott, who has been famous in the past for breaking significant Microsoft stories prior to their actual release. Thurrott spoke of the “Stingray” in the latest episode of the “What the Tech” podcast.

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