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HP talking about licensing webOS?

by on30 June 2011

Other manufacturers interested in it
HP is apparently talking to other manufacturers about licensing its webOS. During a discussion with Bloomberg, HP CEO Leo Apokether admitted that they were talking to a number of companies that have expressed interest in using webOS.  While there is nothing to announce at this time, Apokether claimed that talks were ongoing.

There has been speculation for some time that a number of cell phone and other appliance manufacturers have interest in the webOS. While a number of whispers suggest that none other than Samsung could be one of the interested companies, it is difficult to say if this is really the case.

While many manufacturers have a commitment to Android, the webOS presents some potential that isn’t currently baked into the Android OS at the present time. In addition, we suspect that some manufacturers will be watching HP’s release of the first webOS-based tablet that will arrive on July 1st. It could be that the webOS might be the right operating system for some companies who want to do a tablet but don’t want to use Android.
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