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Game café robbery goes wrong

by on02 August 2010

Hell hath no fury like a DS owner threatened
It must sound like a joke, but it really isn't - everything was fine and dandy until game cafe robbers tried to steal one guy's DS.

All this happened in Kanoehe, Hawaii, where three young robbers barged in and demanded money. Not that you'll get rich from robbing a game cafe, but it worked. At first, that is.

After roughing up the owner and damaging some equipment, yelling all the while like it's done in any serious action movie, the perps pulled what is soon to prove a wrong move and angered one DS owner by trying to take his pet away.

What ensued is reminiscent of pure survival instinct - the DS owner holds one perp by the neck and keeps pushing him towards the door despite the shower of fists to his face.

This apparently inspired the rest of the gamers and they eventually subdue and remove the mask from one robber and make the rest of them flee. Police eventually caught up with three robbers and we're somehow confident that they'll stay away from Nintendo for the rest of their lives.

Well, it does kind of make sense - you can take my money (if you don't, Apple will), you can hit the store owner, you can even yell over my head as much as you want but you better not touch my DS.

You can check out the surveillance video and read more here.

Last modified on 02 August 2010
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