Nokia launches faster network chips
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Kicking Juniper and Cisco right in the router

Nokia launched what it thinks are the world's fastest network chips and delivered a swift kick to the bottom line of Juniper and Cisco.

Intel’s Atom C2000 chip flaw spreads to Juniper
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Cisco already admitted it

It is starting to look like Intel’s Atom C2000 chip fiasco has spread to another networking manufacturer.

Two backdoors in Juniper routers
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Copied Cisco

Someone has quietly installed backdoors three years ago in a core piece of networking equipment used to protect corporate and government systems around the world.

There will be 30 million VR headsets by 2020
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Juniper predicts

Augurs at the soothsaying outfit Juniper have inspected the liver of a rather fat ram and come to the conclusion that by 2020 more than 30 million virtual reality headsets will be sold.

Wants to focus on high-growth business


Gets rebranded to HD 6750/6770

AMD's answer to GTX 550 Ti


Juniper rebrands

AMD might pull an "Nvidia"

Slower than HD 5800 in 3DMark