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AT&T puts the kibosh on iPhone unlocking

by on27 August 2007


Lawyers threaten legal action

We reported
recently that hackers had claimed they had found an “easy” method of unlocking the Apple iPhone and were willing to share it with the masses of iPhone owners, for a fee. was set to release the codes to customers to unlock the iPhone (upon payment of a fee for the service), but has now been stopped in its tracks after receiving a telephone call from a California law firm claiming to represent AT&T.

The firm advised the company that among other issues it could be trampling on AT&T’s legally protected copyright interests and found liable for illegal software dissemination and distribution.

As the courts do not look favorably upon copyright infringement and unauthorized distribution of intellectual property is waiting to hear from its own lawyers on their next move. Stay tuned: this could get interesting.

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Last modified on 27 August 2007
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