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Fujitsu data center powered by hydrogen fuel cells

by on19 August 2007


Fujitsu goes green

Fujitsu showcased
its new 200-kilowatt hydrogen fuel cell that will provide the electricity and heat to the buildings at its Sunnyvale, California business location.  The fuel cell, manufactured by United Technologies Corporation Power, is located in the parking lot and resembles two giant green dumpsters. The fuel cell provides two types of energy for electricity and heat. 

Electricity is provided by heating methane with steam to create hydrogen; the hydrogen then goes through a proton exchange membrane (PEM), creating a reaction that runs computers, lighting and other facility equipment. The methane-hydrogen reaction is then pumped throughout the corporate facility to produce heat, but this process is still not perfected yet and much of the heat produced is not able to be used.

However, Fujitsu hopes to be able to capture more of this heat and use it in the future to heat all of the facility.

Large-sized hydrogen fuel cells are an ideal solution for facilities that run 7 days a week, 24 hours/day such as hospitals, data centers, large hotels and large campuses of businesses and universities.

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