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9600GT listed in Germany

by on15 February 2008


Stock clocked €167, OCed for €189

A German
retailer has listed two Geforce 9600GT cards.

The lower priced card is reference clocked, GPU at 650MHz, shaders at 1625MHz, while the 512MB of GDDR3 memory is clocked at 900MHz (1800MHz effective). It is listed at €167.

The overclocked card is clocked at 700MHz GPU, the memory runs at 1000MHz (2000MHz effective) and the Shaders were bumped up to 1750MHz. It is priced at €189.

These prices seem a bit too high and you can probably expect the cards to be slightly less as they officially launch next week and become available in the following days.
Last modified on 17 February 2008
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