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8800 GS listed in the E.U.

by on14 January 2008


Asus and XFX, starting at €152

Geforce 8800 GS cards have been listed on Austrian e-tail sites with prices starting at 152 Euro. As you've probably guessed, none of the cards are yet available, but claims it will have the XFX cards in stock within 5 days.

We already wrote about Asus cards, and you can check out the pics and specs here. Asus has two cards, the regular version, clocked at 550/800MHz, and an overclocked version running at 600/900MHz core/memory. Both have 384MB of GDDR3 memory. The faster version is listed at €165, while the slower card goes for €152.

XFX has also joined the GS club with two cards with slightly higher core clocks, but memory ends up a bit slower than on Asus cards. First in line is the XFX GeForce 8800 GS 580M, clocked at 580MHz for the core and 700MHz for the GDDR3 memory. This card is listed at €153. The XXX version, branded XFX GeForce 8800GS 680M XXX, runs at an impressive 680MHz with the memory clocked at 800MHz. This gem is currently listed at €170. We still don't know the Shader clocks for the XFX cards and you can probably expect the prices to drop as the cards become available in numbers. Hopefully, the GS won't face availability issues like its older brother, the 8800 GT.

These crippled G92 parts with a 192-bit memory bus and 96 stream processors have a good chance of upsetting ATI in the mid-range market. The red team sells its affordable HD3850 cards for as little as €133 and this is truly a great value for money.

The low-end priced GS cards will probably end up in the same price range as the HD3850, which is great news for consumers as they will not only have more choice, but also will see some aggressive pricing from both sides.

You can check out the listings here.

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