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Solid State Drive Alliance to be present at Computex

by on02 June 2009


The “Quality Assurance” group for SSDs

The Solid State Drive Alliance, founded in October 2008, has announced that it will be present today for the first time at Computex and will show off some of the first SSDA-certified products.

Without going into too much history, the SSD Alliance was founded by A-Data Technology, Phison Electronics, Allion Test Labs, Silicon Motion, ASMedia Technology, Silicon-Power Computer & Communications, CoreSolid Storage, Solid State System, ITE Tech, Ulink, ITRI and JMicron Technology. Its goal is to basically create a Compliance Program with recommended guidelines for SSD manufacturers to follow.

The group is expected to make strong traction in the storage market mainly because it is promoting the unity of SSD manufacturers in providing high quality hardware that is ensured to be compatible with today’s computing systems.

“The first SSDA-certified products will hit the market in the beginning of next quarter,” said Anne Tsou, director of the SSDA marketing committee. “SSDA is collaborating with international organizations such as JEDEC and SNIA. The organization believes the primary factor influencing strong growth in the SSD market will be the quality level of products."

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