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Destructor launched by Razer

by on09 January 2008


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Razer is out to break the mold again with the launch of their new Destructor high-end precision gaming-grade mousing surface. According to Robert Krakoff, our own “Razer Guy,” the Desctructor was developed in response to the gaming community’s continuous search for improvements in mousing technologies. Razer enlisted the help of some of the best pro-gaming teams in the world to contribute their input to improve the design of the Destructor.

The Destructor offers what Razer is calling the “Razer Fractal” surface for high-precision game play. The Destructor is optimized for use with both optical and laser gaming-grade mice and it is compatible with non-Razer mice as well as all Razer models. The Destructor features a large surface area that is ideal for a gaming technique called “rapid swipes” and the Destructor does not move because it offers a non-slip rubber backing that covers the entire back of the Destructor. To transport and protect the Destructor, it includes a lightweight protective case. The Destructor is starting to ship right away and should be available at retailers before the end of January. It will carry a price of US $39.99.

Our initial impression of the Destructor is quite positive and we would describe the surface of the Destructor as some place in between the the control side of the eXactMat and the Mantis. We need more play time on the Destructor before we can give you a final word on what kind of perfomance you can expect from the Destructor. Look for a review full of the Destructor on Fudzilla soon.

In other Razer news, we had an interesting discussion with Krakoff about the Razer Boomslang Collectors Edition 2007. In case you did not know, this is an updated optical version of the original “Boomslang” shape that been updated and tweaked to 2007 standards. If you don’t know anything about the legacy of the Boomslang, it was really one of the first, if not the first, gaming mouse and it still enjoys a reputation among older gamers as one of the best mice ever developed. We saw it today and it has the same original packaging and innovative elegant look that sets this product apart. Krakoff told us that that once all 10,000 of the mice are sold, that will be all there are. The reissue of the Boomslang shape with the updated optical technology and tweaking has been a retro labor of love for Krakoff and something that he has really enjoyed doing. So, if you want one, you had better act quickly and buy one, as they are going to sell out quickly.

We tried to twist Robert’s arm to give us some clue as to what to expect next, but all he would tell us is that they are working on something very special that will be launched at CeBit, so stay turned, because by the way he was saying this, it very well could be something very big. He also assured us that development continues on a number of fronts in the quest to provide gamers with the ultimate in gaming technologies to improve both play and performance.

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