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Cisco to discontinue Linksys branding

by on30 July 2007


Potential confusion in stores

Cisco´s CEO
has confirmed that Cisco will move to discontinue the use of the Linksys branding. The discontinuation of the Linksys branding will also usher in the use of a new Cisco logo to better help consumers identify Cisco products at the retail level.

This could spell confusion for both consumers and retailers that are used to buying and selling certain Linksys products. While products have been referred to as “Linksys by Cisco Systems” for sometime, it will be interesting to see how consumers adapt to the change.

Perhaps what will be more interesting is to see if Cisco continues to be reasonably priced on the consumer products which have made up the bulk of Linksys’s business model. Cisco has had a reputation for high prices in the past and this is something that Linksys has definitely not been known for.

Also still a mystery is if this change will affect any Linksys products that you already own as far as warranty or replacement. It does stand to reason that some changes are in store for the product line.

Last modified on 30 July 2007
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