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Razer answers "DPI doesn't matter" claims

by on25 March 2010


Who said that?

SteelSeries delivered its view on the (lack of) importance of DPI in measuring quality, Razer’s president Robert Krakoff spoke out saying it isn't really so.

Krakoff said how he thinks “… gamers care about DPI and do think the term makes sense for today’s mice.” He then conveniently compared the proposition of 1600dpi being enough with purists who refused to go for color TVs and/or digital over analog, and added how he could discuss CD vs. vinyl for days. We could probably do the same thing, although we’d rather carry our music collection on flash to start with.

He then goes on saying how it’s about offering choices to gamers, as different people prefer different settings. We can’t argue that, but unfortunately it still doesn’t refute the claim that the industry has wrongly established dpi settings as the most important thing a gaming mouse has.

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Last modified on 25 March 2010
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