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PS3 problem caused by clock

by on02 March 2010


Only older units have the issue

Despite the best efforts of engineers and programmers, it would seem that getting the clock and time right on the average consumer electronics device can represent more than just a bit of an issue. The older non-slim version of the PlayStation 3 has been hit by this bug causing the system to be unable to get online while Sony feverishly attempts to find a solution to the problem.

The error, which is being described as “Error code 8001050F” has been causing problems since Early March 1st, according to those in the know. While the news spread like wildfire, the actual cause was not known for some time and the amount of strange theories that we seen hitting the Internet ranged silly to absolutely impossible.

While Sony did take some time to acknowledge the issue officially, the claim that a fix should be coming in the next 24 hours might be a bit of a stretch. According to what we have been hearing, the fact that they have not lost control of the system and they can still boot and turn the unit on is a good thing, as it will make the deployment of any potential fix easier than if the unit had been bricked, so to speak.

While no fix exists yet, Sony is recommending that owners of the older full size Sony PS3 units do not use them till the fix as been issued. No one really knows why they are suggesting this, but it does seem to be the standard recommendation for future potential problems. More troubling is that several big titles launched today, including Battlefield Bad Company 2, which is primarily a multiple player online title. This isn’t good news if you can’t get online to play it. We hope for Sony’s sake that they are able to fix the problem quickly.

Last modified on 02 March 2010
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