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Alan Wake will not happen on PC

by on15 February 2010


Still on track as Xbox 360-only exclusive

After five years in development, it does look as if Alan Wake will see the light of day, but it will be only on the Xbox 360. Originally, the title was to arrive on both the Xbox 360 and PC platforms, but developer Remedy claims that it left the decision for a PC release up to Microsoft. At the recent X10 event, Microsoft did confirm that Alan Wake would be an Xbox 360 exclusive and there would no longer be a PC release of the title.

According to insiders, the decision not to deliver Alan Wake for the PC after all this time was not an easy decision for Microsoft. Much of the decision to kill the Alan Wake release on the PC has to do with the game itself and the experience that it delivers. Several sources have been quoted as suggesting that the experience of Alan Wake works best on the Xbox 360 platform and that has a lot to do with the decision.

While PC gamers will be disappointed with the decision, the good news is that Alan Wake will be an exclusive Xbox 360 experience and that continues to be important as Microsoft looks to add as many exclusive titles over rival Sony as possible this year. Unlike last year, which many analysts considered a light release year for the Xbox 360 platform, 2010 appears to be a very heavy release year for the Xbox 360 platform with a good number of exclusives. Alan Wake is scheduled for release on May 18th and indications are, according to our sources, they should make that release date with no problem.

Last modified on 15 February 2010
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