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Arabs most likely to buy iPads

by on17 February 2010


Americans and Europeans not thrilled

to a survey conducted by YouGov in Britain, Germany, USA, Denmark and the Middle East, consumers aren't too impressed with Apple's iPad, but there is an interesting twist.

Middle eastern consumers are by far the most likely to buy the iPad, an 58 percent of them would probably do so. Some 17 percent of German consumers are also interested, as well as 13 percent of US consumers. At 7 percent, interest is rather low in Denmark and the UK.

Mind you, researchers point out most consumers overestimate the iPad and believe it has quite a few more features than it actually does. In the Middle East 59 percent of consumers believe the iPad can make phone calls. The same goes for 37 percent of respondents in Germany and Blighty. 36 percent of Americans and 40 percent of Danes also fail to realize the iPad is not a phone. Many consumers in all markets also believe the device has a camera and that it can make video calls.

"Apple with the help of Steve Jobs has the most amazing ability to create buzz when it comes to launching a new product. People all over the world have heard about it. The problem is that so many, particularly in this region do not really understand what the device can and cannot deliver, which could leave many disappointed," said Iman Annab, CEO, YouGovSiraj.

There are also a few other facts worth pointing out. The survey did not include poor nations in the Middle East. In fact, it only included Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait and United Arab Emirates, with some of the most affluent consumers in the world, let alone the region. We doubt many Yemeni consumers would buy one.

However, despite this fact, consumers from these rather wealthy Gulf nations claim they would be willing to pay between $160 and $320 for the iPad and frankly this sounds like a reasonable price for Jobs' latest toy. In contrast, Europeans are willing to pay between $410 and $630, while the Americans would cough up $300 to $400 for the device.

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