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PS3 motion controller on hold

by on21 January 2010


Will not arrive in spring of 2010

Sources are telling us that Sony has decided to delay the release of their new motion controller that they announced last year for the PlayStation 3 platform. While some are calling it a “delay,” other sources are telling us that it is more of a “hold” than an actual delay.

According to what we have been able to uncover, the delay (or hold, if you like) might have more to do with software than with the hardware being ready. In order for either Sony’s motion controller or Microsoft’s competing Natal solution to sell, it will be critical enough for engaging software to be available when the device is released to provide sales momentum. Of course, this not only means software titles from the manufacturer’s own studios, but third party developers, as well.

The decision to delay the launch of the motion controller for the PS3 really isn’t as much of a surprise as it might seem on the surface. Sony has not talked a lot about the titles that were coming to support the release of the motion controller and we have to believe that if they were going to proceed with a spring launch they would have been talking more about this at the recent CES show in order to lay the necessary groundwork.

Some of our sources believe that the decision to hold the launch of the motion controller might be a tactical move by Sony to give developers more time to get titles ready to support the launch, with the recent news that Microsoft would likely be launching Natal at the start of the holiday season. Sony still has time to get their motion controller out before Microsoft and additional time for software development to support it, which all in all isn’t a bad thing.

Last modified on 21 January 2010
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