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Carmack puts nail in PhysX coffin

by on19 July 2007


Aegia needs someone to save the day

John Carmark
of id Software fame suggests that PPUs don't really do anything that can't be handled by multicore CPUs. It seems that he agrees with Nvidia and DAMMIT that using extra GPU capacity to handle this is a better idea than requiring the user to purchase an extra card.

Most of the top PC titles that are due to arrive shortly do not feature support for the Aegia PPU technology with the exception of those based on the Unreal 3 engine. Right now, the new Ghost Recon 2 on the PC side does offer Aegia PPU support and some of the physics effects in this title are pretty good, but not mind blowing.

Aegia needs a title that takes their physics processing unit to a new level and really offers a compelling case as to why gamers should plunk down their hard cash on it. With developers like Carmack not jumping on the PPU band wagon it could very well be that the PPU will go the way of the dodo bird very shortly.
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