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Dell stops XPS 720 H2C sales

by on18 July 2007


Overclocking problems


Hardware maker Dell has stopped taking orders for its XPS 720 H2C high-end desktop PC after it suffered from overclocking problems in its Intel quad-core processors. 

The $5,939 computer runs two Nvidia graphics cards with Intel's Core 2 QX6800 Extreme chip which is "overclocked" by Dell to 3.73 GHz instead of 2.93 GHz.

The beast was liquid radiator to dissipate the extreme heat generated by the setup. Dell said on its company blog that the problem was no so much heat but the fact it could not find enough QX6800 processors that can tolerate the Bin+3 overclocking.

Intel says that there is no shortage of the chips, but finding those that can handle the overclocking is another matter.

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