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Microsoft already offers Office 2010 to its partners

by on03 December 2009


20% discount
on the table

Office 2010 is coming in June 2010, but Microsoft isn't leaving anything to chance and is already offering deals to its partners. This is a great way to rake in some nice cash before even launching the product, and Microsoft sure does it in style as the company threw in a 20% discount as well.    

You could say that Redmond is counting its chickens a wee bit early, as the deal is basically a 20 percent discount on Office 2007 with a free upgrade to Office 2010 thrown in for when it launches in June 2010. This is a clever piece of business however, since partners usually don't buy in quantities less than 1,000 units, and many are surely going to pounce at the chance to get a big batch at a significantly lower price.

The deal lasts until December 31st, and depending on the licenses partners can get certain benefits such as possibility of three year payment, training vouchers and rights to install Office on two computers.

Last modified on 03 December 2009
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