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UK Government recruiting from Xbox Live

by on24 November 2009


Demographic and skills a perfect match

Government Communications Headquarters has found a new way to recruit fresh blood, but the vehicle of recruitment is definitely keeping up with the times. So, from now on, those who visit Xbox Live will get a chance to join the GCHQ, one of UK’s top three intelligence agencies.

Apparently, the frequent visitors to this service are perfect candidates for their quick thinking, problem solving and teamwork. Besides, the Xbox Live demographic makes it even easier, as 18-to-34 is right on the spot for the company’s needs.

GCHQ is not only about “traditional threats”, like dr. Evil we suppose, but is also active in helping other government departments and protect their information and communication systems. This means, as the GCHQ’s spokeswoman says, that the agency can “offer excellent training and careers for people with specialist technical skills”. 

XBL Dashboard will feature a six-week full-scale advertising campain, together with free themes, pictures, videos, banners etc. GHCQ’s spokeswoman said how many potential candidates are unaware of this agency and the work it does, and Xbox Live will carry their message “to the right people in a creative and innovative manner.”

It seems that the ways of traditional recruitment methods are slowly creeping into the technology world as well, but you can always employ the good old evasion maneuver slightly touched up to go with the times – just ask your mod to tell the recruiter you’re not online. 

Last modified on 24 November 2009
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