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Kingston teams up with Paramount

by on03 November 2009


Puts bad movies on flash drives

has inked an agreement with Paramount Digital Entertainment under which the companies will jointly offer Paramout flicks on Kingston flash drives.

It might not be the most practical form of delivery, but once you get tired of the movie, you'll at least have a flash drive in your pocket. However, the cunning plan has a rather serious flaw. For some reason Paramount though that it would be best to promote the new concept with one of the worst movies ever made, Michael Bay's Transformers: Revenge of The Fallen.

This utterly horrid picture on a 4GB Kingston flash drive can be yours for $29.99. The price doesn't seem too bad, however, we are looking at a feature film crammed on 4GB of storage, which means it's standard definition, which sounds quite bad in this day and age.

Honestly, we really don't see the concept taking off. Most tech savvy consumers will rather go after Blu-ray, the great unwashed will just get a DVD, while people with the bare minimum of good taste and good sense will never buy a Michael Bay movie anyway.
Last modified on 03 November 2009
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