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Microsoft again says no Blu-ray for 360

by on23 October 2009


Ballmer puts his foot in his mouth again

Once again, Microsoft has gone on the offensive to walk back a comment that Steve Ballmer seemed to have implied in a recent interview with Gizmodo, where it sounds as if he suggests that a Blu-ray drive add-on might be making its way to the Xbox 360 in the near future.

Of course, the Microsoft PR police have taken this back, saying that it was a case of ”poorly chosen words” and that the company has no plans to introduce a Blu-ray add-on drive or to produce an Xbox 360 that has a Blu-ray drive in it. Microsoft is also talking up the fact that the upcoming update will add instant-on 1080p streaming of HD titles, so who would really want Blu-ray?

As is normally the case, business plans could change and Microsoft might reconsider at some point; but despite what Ballmer suggested in the interview, it seems that right now they have no plans for a Blu-ray add-on drive. Our sources tell us, however, that this isn’t accurate; they claim that Microsoft has shopped the possibility of obtaining Blu-ray drives, but feels it is just too expensive at this point and have indicated to some drive vendors that they would consider it if the price were right. Still, with CES looming next year, it could be that Ballmer does know already that it is going to happen, and our sources are actually right, but Microsoft’s PR machine is just trying to put a lid on the talk.

See the interview here.

Last modified on 23 October 2009
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