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Intel looking forward to EC fine appeal

by on23 September 2009


Otellini wants to get his side of the story out

Intel has
dug in its heals and says it's looking forward to its day in court, as it tries to appeal a massive €1.06 billion fine levied against the outfit by EU antitrust regulators last May.

"I can't wait to get our side of the story out in the public," said Intel President Paul Otellini in a talk with the BBC. Otellini added that he believes the EC got it wrong, and that Intel will win the appeal. Commenting the fact that Intel was precluding from releasing its own documents, Otellini said: "In the Intel case I think they have certainly overstepped."

The European Commission found that Intel paid OEMs to stay away from AMD chips and gave illegal rebates to a retailer to stop selling AMD parts. Intel maintains that it did nothing illegal, defending the rebates by arguing OEMs approached Intel looking for price cuts.

Recently Intel spinners simply blamed the issue on AMD, in part at least, as they believe AMD simply lost market share due to uncompetitive products. Intel currently holds around 80 percent of the market, while AMD has to make do with around 20.

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