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Zune support added to XNA Studio

by on16 September 2009


Microsoft is looking for developers

Microsoft has added support for the Zune HD to the XNA Game Studio. The XNA Game Studio 3.1 release will not offer additional extensions for developers to build applications for the Zune HD platform.

The Zune HD extensions to the XNA Game Studio is sure to attract a variety of indie developers who will be seeking to make some cash creating games for the new platform. Microsoft has seen the popularity of what the XNA Game Studio can do for stimulating development for the platform; and you don’t have to look further than the Xbox 360 Indie developers who have brought a variety of titles to the platform in many different product segments.

By choosing to go this route, Microsoft has made it very easy for those who have been already developing for the Xbox 360 platform to get started building things for the Zune HD, as well. Microsoft will deliver developer creations via a distribution channel and take a cut of the action. Early reports are positive and suggest that the platform has a lot of abilities for development and could see a variety of interesting concepts being produced for it.

One has to look no further than the iPhone to see the potential here for future application development. It will be very interesting to see how much support can be mustered for the Zune HD platform, but the decision to make the tools available in the XNA Game Studio should really help get current developers who are using it motivated about building things for the Zune HD. The only problem is that if the Zune HD does not sell, then developers will not build applications for it; and without applications, the Zune HD isn’t going to sell. This is a very difficult position for Microsoft to be in, that is for sure.

Last modified on 16 September 2009
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