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AT&T pulls plug on Visual VM Upgrade

by on08 September 2009


New Bold upgrade not ready for prime time

We told
you that AT&T would be dropping an upgrade for the BlackBerry Bold that added Visual Voicemail support with this upgrade. It seems, however, despite all of the AT&T testing the upgrade isn’t ready for prime time just yet.

In a surprise move, AT&T has pulled the upgrade as fast as it was released. According to our sources, it is just a “temporary suspension” of the upgrade being available due to what is being called a “software issue affecting the interaction between the device and the network enhancements being deployed.”

If a customer has already downloaded the upgrade, but has not yet installed it, AT&T is advising that these customers wait until a revised version of the upgrade is made available. For those that have already installed it, these customers can continue to use it. Those customers that want the Visual Voicemail support will have to wait until a revised version becomes available.

Our sources still don’t have all of the details on what the issue is or how users that already have it installed might be affected. We do suspect, however, that AT&T will move quickly to resolve the problems; but no one seems to have any idea when a revised version will become available.
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