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Dualshock to get 3 new colors

by on18 August 2009


Satin Silver, Deep Red and Metallic Blue

One of our sources showed us today something that was somewhat of a surprise. Did anyone know that Sony was going to release the Dualshock PlayStation 3 controllers in three new colors?

We were shown the new Dualshock in Satin Silver, which may already be on the shelf or already making their way to a Game Stop near you. In addition, two other colors are coming, as well, which are Deep Red and Metallic Blue.

According to our sources, you should be able to find them at Game Stop locations from now till October in all three colors; but our source told us that he expected the Deep Red version to show up on or about September 1st and the Metallic Blue to arrive on or about August 25th. After October, you can expect to see it show up at other retailers, as well. While our source would not confirm that the Game Stop deal for the three colors was an exclusive, it surely does seem this is the case.

As for why Sony is releasing the controllers in colors, it would seem the company is following the lead of Microsoft, who has experimented with both releasing colored and themed controllers in the past with good results. In fact, Microsoft will be offering a new Halo 3 ODST-themed controller as part of the Collectors Pack, which is a Game Stop exclusive when it will be released on September 22nd.

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