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Thermalright launches new brand called Cogage

by on16 April 2009


And two new heatsinks under it

Thermalright, a company that most consider a premium leader in air-cooled CPU solutions, has recently announced and created a new brand for several new and upcoming products.

The new brand is called Cogage, which is sort of an interesting acronym that stands for "Computer and Gaming Gear." We expect the company to offer more than just top quality heatsinks for its new business endeavor, and only time will tell what it has in store as the new website has just launched. So far the Cogage family consists of a new LGA 1366-based CPU cooler called the TRUE Spirit and an LGA 1366/LGA 775 cooler called the MST-140.


The TRUE Spirit measures in at 133x38x156mm (DxWxH) and looks very similar in design to the Ultra-120 1366 RT which measures 132x63.44x160.5mm (DxWxH). It is also lighter, weighing in at 670g for the heatsink only, compared to 790g. On another note, the TRUE Spirit sports 48 aluminum fins and a four 6mm heatpipes, whereas the Ultra 120- 1366RT has 52 aluminum fins and six 6mm heatpipes.


The TRUE Spirit includes a 120x25mm fan with PWM control that operates between 19.6-37.4dBA and pushes anywhere between 35-66.5CFM at 1000-1500RPM.


The MST-140 features a down draft air flow design to aid in cooling not only the CPU, but also motherboard components such as MOSFET and northbridge/IOH chipset areas. This cooler measures in at 144x147x70.2mm (DxWxH) and weighs around 410g. The base is composed of solid copper and it is passively cooled by four nickel-plated heatpipes.


This heatsink is cooled by a 140x25mm fan that operates at 33.5dBA and pushes roughly 94.7CFM of air at 1500RPM across the large 140x140mm surface area. Most importantly, the MST-140 is compatible with both LGA 1366 and LGA 775 motherboards.

Pricing and availability has yet to be revealed, but we will be keeping our eyes on Thermalright's new Cogage brand and all the computer and gaming gear we can expect from a top-tier air cooling company.

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