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Asus, Lenovo dethrone Apple in reliability study

by on25 March 2009


Toshiba ranks third, Acer fourth

If you wanted to cover up your smug ways by telling your PC loving mates you bought an Apple because of its reliability, you will now have to think of a new excuse.

According to RESCUECOM's reliability study, Apple has been overtaken by Asus over the past quarter. Apple did end 2008 on top of the chart, but in Q1 2009 it will fall to second place with a score of 324.

Asus gets 972, which is apparently unusually high, but it still shares first place with IBM/Lenovo, with 348 points. RESCUECOM attributes the change to a large number of Eee PC netbooks shipped by Asus. As many Eee PCs don't feature hard drives, and none feature optical drives, their reliability is nothing surprising. It's much like comparing a air-cooled VW Beetle to a Pagani Zonda. There are very few things that can go wrong with the Beetle, mainly because it has few bits to begin with.

At third place, trailing Apple, is Toshiba with 172, closely followed by Acer with 151 and HP/Compaq in fifth with 142. Dell and Sony are absent, and don't seem to have ranked well.

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Last modified on 25 March 2009
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