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Apple TV likely to add DVR support

by on06 February 2009


Should show up before the end of the year

Many Apple TV owners are happy with their Apple TV boxes, but they would like them a lot more if they could also record to them. The ability to record to them will be an option, according to many insiders who are saying that they expect Apple to add digital video recorder abilities to the next generation of Apple TV before the end of 2009.

While Apple has continued to say that it just isn’t interested in getting into the DVR space, the option for users to record their favorite shows and then sync them to their iPhones and iPods, as well as take them on the road with MacBooks, just might be a bit too tempting for Apple to pass up.

What many continue to say is the real future next big product for Apple will be the Apple Networked Television product that many in the industry think the Apple is focusing on for the next evolution beyond what the company can offer today.

Apple has said time and again that the Apple TV product was more of a “hobby” than anything else at this point, but hobby or not, sales of the Apple TV box continue to grow beyond what Apple had forecast. According to sources, if you look at sales of the units closely, Apple is on track to sell almost 6 million units in the 2009 calendar year.

With numbers like this we do think an upgraded Apple TV box is even more likely, and with the abilities of the Nvidia Ion platform, which is suspected to power the next version of the Apple TV box, adding DVR abilities and having the horsepower to handle them would not be a problem.
Last modified on 06 February 2009
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