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Asus C90 homebrew notebook

by on14 June 2007


Choose DIY and wondering who the...


Here's another one about an Asus notebook, if you can call this beast a laptop at all.

This barebone baby uses desktop Core 2 Duo's, and Asus even claims that you can overclock them a bit, up to 20 per cent and raise the FSB speed up to 1,279 MHz.

It has a 15,4" 1,680x1,050 screen powered by an MXM graphics card of your choice, although there isn't much to choose from. You can go for an Nvidia 8600GT, 8500GT or an AMD M71x, whatever the hell that is.

You can count on two SO-DIMM slots for memory for up to 3 GB of DDR2 800MHz memory, a 2,5" hard drive bay and a slim bay for an optical drive. There's also an eSATA port for external drives.

The price tag is $1,500, which seems a bit too high by my standards, although it's a nice concept. The design is another thing, let's just say it wouldn't win any prizes in a beauty contest. Here are some pictures, but view them at your own discretion, you've been warned. 

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