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Wii outsells Xbox 360, which outsells Playstation 3

by on19 January 2009


Déjà vu?


Once again, David beats Goliath. Well, two of them actually, as the Wii sold 3 million units in the UK and 10.17 million in the US over the last year. In related news, Microsoft’s figures show that the Xbox 360 outsold the PS3 by one million in EU and seven million units in the US.

As the brag-about-your-“superior”-console season is apparently on, Microsoft also eagerly pointed out that they spent the most on their console. The company splashed out US$13.2 billion since the Xbox 360 launch, whereas the Wii and PS3 received investments of US$10.8 billion and US$6.1 billion from their companies, respectively.

One can’t help but wonder whether the Wii is ever going to drop from the top-seller position, or if its price will ever drop for that matter.

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Last modified on 19 January 2009
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