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2TB Western Digital HDD listed

by on15 December 2008


€270 in The Czech Republic


In case your 1TB drive is just too small for all your legally downloaded music, movies, and porn, and you don't think the 1.5TB Barracuda will suffice either, Western Digital might have something up your street.

The company will soon launch the first 2TB drive, the WD20EADS. However, due to the fact that storage companies for some reason think 1000 bytes is a kilobyte, the 2TB drive actually ends up having around 1850 real gigabytes.

We're not sure about the availability, and the Czech retailer doesn't have it in stock just yet. It's currently priced at 7,072 CZK, which amounts to €270. Considering the 1.5TB Barracuda currently sells for €122 in the E.U., we're guessing the retailer got it a bit wrong, or he's just plain greedy.

You can find the listing

Last modified on 16 December 2008
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