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4 percent of AT&T employees to be cut

by on05 December 2008


12,000 to be hit with layoffs, starting this month

With sympathy and best wishes, AT&T announced today that they are going to reduce their headcount by about 4 percent company-wide. The news, according to one of our sources, was somewhat expected, as rumors had been swirling about this possibility for a couple of months.

The 4 percent reduction will see almost 12,000 jobs being eliminated. The first round of layoffs will start later this month. The good news, if there is any, about the situation is that they have allocated around $600 million for severance packages for those who will be affected.

While AT&T will be making these cuts, it seems at least some divisions will continue to be unaffected by the cuts. Wireless, video and broadband will continue to add people where needed. Of course, the news that some divisions would not be affected has made some AT&T long-time employees upset that the cuts are not being applied equally across the entire company.
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