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Amazon pushes for frustration-free packaging

by on04 November 2008


Are hard to open packaging history?

Amazon has launched an initiative to promote frustration-free packaging for the products that it is sells. The plastic clam shells that drive consumers crazy to free their merchandise they have purchased could soon be a thing of the past at Amazon.

While some manufacturers are applauding the efforts of Amazon in this area, it is difficult to gauge how much of an effect it will really have, as many brick and mortar stores depend on the hard to open packaging to curb theft in their stores.

Amazon wants to replace these plastic hard to open clam shells with green, friendly, easy to open recyclable cardboard. Currently, the program has nineteen products which have frustration-free-packaging and the run the entire gambit of companies, including Fisher-Price, Mattel, Microsoft and Trancent.

With the current focus on going green, the Amazon initiative to move to this recyclable cardboard packaging could prove very interesting on many levels. Ultimately, the fact that Amazon is selling over the Web is sure to help it get more companies onboard, but with consumer support it could eventually become a standard offering for the packaging.
Last modified on 04 November 2008
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