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Apple odor can give you Leukemia

by on02 October 2008


Mac Pro allegedly releases toxic odor

Just weeks
after making peace with Greenpeace, Apple is again in the center of an environmental, or should we say health controversy.

French daily Liberation has published claims by an anonymous researcher from the French National Centre for Scientific Research, who tested his foul smelling Mac Pro in the lab. The researcher found that the unpleasant odor contained several chemicals, including benzene, a sweet smelling carcinogen linked to leukemia.

"Benzene can affect the bone marrow. Imagine a person working eight hours a day for two months, inhaling such vapors, sensitive people could very well develop leukemia, " said Annie Leszkowicz, expert in chemical risks with the French Agency for the safety of the environment and labor.

Apparently the issue was first reported back in December 2007, on Apple forums, here. Many users reported the issue, some claiming the funny odor caused headaches and nausea. The smell was described as "musty", "rotting carpet", "new car smell," while one user even said his Mac Pro smelled of weed.

Apple has not denied the accusations, but claims it has found nothing to substantiate them either and it is still investigating the issue.

You can find the Liberation article here.

Last modified on 03 October 2008
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