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Wind gets two new flavors

by on01 October 2008


6-cell battery, Bluetooth, 2GB of RAM

MSI just
can't let the Wind be, it keeps offering more and more SKUs, in what appears to be an attempt to annoy the press and confuse the hell out of shoppers. After a few special editions and bundles, it is now offering the Luxury edition, the new top notch version.

The Luxury Wind packs a 6-cell battery which makes a lot more sense than the regular 3-cell unit. That's not the only difference, as the new version apparently offers bgn wireless and Bluetooth, whereas the regular Wind only has bg. It ships with a 160GB drive like recent Wind versions.

Last but not least, it will be available with 1 or 2GB of memory, and should end up priced at €449 and €469, dangerously close to MSI's cheapest 12.1-inch notebooks.

You can get it here.
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