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Apple TV likely getting revamped

by on29 September 2008


Webcast intro coming September 30th

We have had several sources telling us that the long awaited revamp of Apple TV is now finished and is slated for introduction via Webcast on September 30th.

According to what we have been hearing and what we are now seeing posted, Apple has instructed resellers to remove all Apple TV displays and literature and throw them away by September 30th at 5 P.M. The Email also confirms that that Apple will be having a Webcast kick off on September 30th.

Several things could be happening here, but we believe that Apple could be going to launch the new Mini/Apple TV hybrid that many have been begging for. We think that this Webcast will be a launch for a product that is known has “The Brick.”

Although these rumors are still swirling around, some think that it may have more to do with a firmware upgrade to the Apple TV as well as new models that will support new HDTV related upgrades that have been rumored for some time. The firmware in the Apple TV is still as version 2.0 and has not been updated since early 2008.

Information is still sketchy and it remains likely that we will just have to wait until September 30th to find out what they are doing, but our money still remains on the launch of “The Brick” and we think it is unlikely that they will launch the Mini/Apple TV hybrid that many users really want.
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