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Universal remote control functions as PC mouse

by on09 September 2008


Movea showcases new motion-sensing remote

Movea has debuted its new Gyration Air Music Remote, which it claims combines "a universal remote control with the functions of a PC mouse". Movea’s Gyration Air Music Remote is designed to replace existing cable, TV, Audio Visual and Media Center remote controls by relying on natural hand movements as to what the user is trying to do with the remote.

By relying on use of Movea’s MotionSense technology, users can make "use of natural hand movements to control the on-screen cursor and all aspects of Windows Media Center software with pinpoint precision".

It also offers standard menu navigation, shortcut buttons and an alphanumeric keypad. The Gyration Air Music Remote uses radio frequency waves to communicate with a computer or laptop and IR signals to control home theatre components and TVs.

The new remote has a backlit LCD panel that displays music selections from iTunes and Windows Media Player, and can control selections like a universal remote from up to 100 feet away. The Gyration Air Music Remote is priced at $180 for the remote itself, or $230 for the remote plus a wireless keyboard.

Last modified on 09 September 2008
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