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Large security update from Microsoft

by on14 August 2008


Critical patches for both Windows and Office

Microsoft has released what is the largest security update that the company has released in the past 18 months. The latest update will address more than 26 vulnerabilities in Windows, Office, Internet Explorer, Windows Messenger, as well as additional associated Microsoft software.

The latest round of patches will keep IT shops pretty busy deploying them because they affect almost all or some of the products that most enterprise customers have deployed. Two of the patches in particular fix areas that have already been exploited and should be deployed without delay. Of the 26 patches released by Microsoft 11 of them are being tagged as critical by Microsoft.

Windows Media Player 11, which is the version that is bundled with Windows Vista, was expected to receive a patch; but Microsoft pulled the patch at the last minute without explanation.

Every version of Office that is still supported received at least some patch for the file format vulnerabilities and Snapshot Viewer issue.

The amount of patches released by Microsoft will keep larger enterprise IT customers busy and smaller shops will also be pressed to get all of the updates applied. Because of the large number of updates it is expected to take some time until the majority of the computers are patched.

Last modified on 14 August 2008
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