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Microsoft planning more updates

by on18 August 2014

OS and firmware to get more features

Microsoft is planning even more updates to the Xbox One. Listening to the feedback of owners, Microsoft is planning over the next several months to add a variety of new features in the monthly updates that it has been releasing.

While Microsoft has not said that updates will continue to some monthly, they have indicated that they intend to continue to make enhancements that will continue to be introduced in the preview program and then released after testing. We think that they will continue to bring the new features out as fast as they can with monthly releases being the norm for the time being.

Some of the enhancements Xbox Owners can look forward to include: continued work on the Party app including the return of Party Leaders, New Friends Section, Media player enhancements including support for more formats & DLNA support, Support for the Xbox One USB Digital TV Turner, Stream to SmartGlass option, Boot to TV option, OneGuide Live TV Miniguide, SmartGlass Updates will allow you to post status messages from your Activity Feed and comments/game clips, Additional support for Xbox On Kinect voice command in new markets, Ability to do multiple deletes in the GameDVR app, new ability to save your Avatar Gamepick to your One Dirve, tweaks to the Settings Updates which will move some things around to make it a little more logical, and Bandwidth Usage Display to show you how much data your Xbox One is using over a period of time.

This is not all or so we are hearing, other enhancements and tweaks are being worked on and looked at, and while all of these will not be coming at once, it is a good collection of features and worthwhile additions.

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