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Rise of Tomb Raider to be Xbox One exclusive

by on13 August 2014

PlayStation 4 fans not happy with this decision

Microsoft has secured the exclusive rights for Rise of Tomb Raider to be an Xbox One only exclusive. The move comes as quite a surprise as no one really saw this coming at all. Still Microsoft has a void to fill with several titles already not making Xbox One holiday release and moving into early 2015.

So far Square Enix has had little to say on the subject, but it has confirmed that Rise of Tomb Raider will be an Xbox One exclusive. It was first shown at the presser as a Microsoft Studios published title, now it looks as if Square Enix will be the publisher.

As you can imagine the news isn’t sitting well with PlayStation 4 owners. We imagine that it cost Microsoft big to secure the exclusive rights for Rise of Tomb Raider and frankly with so many exclusives that Sony has been landing on the PlayStation 4, we really don’t have any problem with this move by Microsoft to lock up what is sure to be a good title on the Xbox One.


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