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Romero is working on a new shooter

by on12 August 2014

Took 14 years to put Daikatana behind him

Co-Creator of Doom, John Romero has apparently finally put Daikatana behind him after 14 years and is working on a new shooter. The news was revealed during the Joystiq podcast.

Romero confirmed that he is at work on a new shooter. He didn’t reveal much about the project which is obviously in its very early stages of development. While Romero confirmed the new shooter, he also confirmed that he is working on several other projects as well. So could be waiting awhile before this shooter actually arrives.

Romero has been working with a concept artist and has apparently got some cool imagery planned for the main character in this new shooter. No other details were announced, but it could be interesting to see what he comes up with. Over the years we have found Romero to be quite a compelling person to chat with, who has some very unique insight to games and gamers.


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