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August update for X1 to add more features

by on21 July 2014

3D Blu-ray support & Auto download of digital purchases

We finally have a confirmed handle on what is on tap for the August update for the Xbox One. August will bring a number of new features including 3D Blu-ray support, updates to the console’s Activity Feed and Friends sections as the biggest draws this time around.

Other enhancements include the ability to automatically download new games and apps. This means that you can purchase content from using the web or your Smart Glass connected tablet/smartphone away from your Xbox One and have it downloaded and waiting for you when you get home. (A handy feature that we have used more than once on the Xbox 360.)

Controllers will now finally get more than just a battery indicator, and now the Xbox One will actually warn the user when the battery on their controller is close to dying. The notification will appear on the screen when this condition is about to happen, which is a welcomed improvement.

An interesting enhancement has been added to the Xbox One home button which triggers a “subtle vibration” to ensure you know when your input to interact with a notification has been successfully acknowledged by the Xbox One.

We also hear that the Xbox One dashboard will get a few more bug fixes and a couple additional tweaks like the ability to disable notifications during video playback. (A very welcomed feature!!) No word yet on exactly when we can expect the update to be released in August, but those Xbox One owners on the early access list should either already have it or should be getting it soon. For the rest of us we are hearing a middle of August to end of August release is likely depending on how the testing goes.

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