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IDC says PC market is rebounding

by on10 July 2014

Still weak though

Research firm IDC has published its latest report into the state of the PC market and while there are some signs of optimism, the situation remains dire.

The firm concluded that the PC market is slowly rebounding, but Q2 shipments were down 1.7 percent year-on-year. The good news is that decline in Q2 was the smallest since 2012, so it appears the market is finally bottoming out.

The positive trend was attributed to the demise of Windows XP, which caused a lot of migrations to new systems. The top five vendors actually saw their shipments grow by 9.8 percent since last year, but small outfits took a beating, with an 18.5 percent decline.

Lenovo still reigns supreme with the highest unit volume and annual growth of 15.1 percent.

The bad news is that IDC does not see the market getting much better than this anytime soon. 

"We do not see the recent gains as a motive to raise the long-term outlook although 2014 growth could get closer to flat, rather than the May projection of negative six percent," said IDC’s Loren Loverde.

In terms of regional distribution, the US outperformed the rest of the world, with total shipments of 16.6 million units. HP and Dell led the way in the US, with a combined market share in excess of 50 percent.

You can check out IDC's press release for additional info. In its latest report, research outfit Gartner concluded the market would start recovering next year, but the recovery will be slow.

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