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Bold release dates have been updated

by on28 July 2008


BlackBerry Bold will finally make its debut

It seems
that the buzz that has been generated by the BlackBerry Bold continues to build. The trouble is that although it has been announced for some time, the actual shipping units have yet to hit the street.

A variety of hold ups have kept the Bold from shipping, and these have ranged from issues with the radio code to battery life. The good news is now that we have been able to get some confirmed release dates for the Bold from a variety of vendors. Here is what we know as of right now.

July 29th – Rogers Canada
August 1st – Vodafone UK
August 4th – T-Mobile Germany
September 1st – AT&T North America

The O2 launch of the Bold will come at some point in September, but we don’t have a confirmed release date for them yet. We have also heard reports that the Rogers Canada release date could roll back to as late as the 7th of August, but right now the 29th is the confirmed date that we are hearing.

Many Blackberry users are eager to get their hands on the Bold and the delays have been some what disappointing, but we think that RIM would prefer to get it right rather than release the Bold with issues that could turn customers off right from the launch.

Last modified on 28 July 2008
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