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Are new revisions of the PS4 & PS3 coming?

by on22 May 2014

Possible just same console with a bigger hard drive

Sources have been whispering that Sony may be preparing to offer revised versions of both the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4. While some think that the new models could be revised versions of the both the PS4 and PS3 consoles, other believe that it is more likely some minor tweaks if that and larger hard drives which would be the star attraction of the new models.

While process improvements that lead to cost reduction seem to always be on the menu for manufactures who are looking to squeeze more dollars out of every console, it seems sort of early in the game for Sony to bring out a major overhaul to the PS4 and the PS3 was just revised recently when they went with the new manual Blu-ray drive door.

We think from the whispers we have been hearing that minor tweaks might be possible, a hard drive upgrade seems more likely with the price of 1TB and 2TB drives continuing to fall as the 3TB and 4TB drives continue to gain popularity. Whatever it might be or sources expect Sony to announce it at E3.

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