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Baynes looks for Kickstarter funding

by on20 May 2014

Road Rash-meets-Split/Second combat driver

Former Blackrock game director Nick Baynes who is best known for directing the racer Split/Second is seeking funding to bring a new Road Rash-meets-Split/Second driver to the masses. Rage Ride which is described as a biker-based combat racing game comes from the new studio IronFist Games.

Baynes looks to take a different approach to the development of Rage Ride with allowing backers access to a private forum where they can be actively involved with the development of the game by sharing ideas and concepts with the development team at a very early stage in the development process. The game will have a very heavy emphasis on modding allowing the buyers to use the game as a creative vehicle to create even more content because of the use of an open file format so that anyone with a moddling package can create content for the game.

What is interesting is that Baynes claims that this is the game that he and other developers have wanted to create for a long time. The streamlined team is not really seeking all that much money for the project which the initial goal of a PC release that looks to grow into more over time with an eventual console release in the future.

With 16 days to go in the fund raising process, Baynes has not been able to attract a lot of support for the game just yet. It is really hard to see how Rage Ride is being ignored with such a good presentation and pitch to develop something unique. If you liked Pure and Split/Second, this is your chance to be involved in creating the next great arcade racer.

Find out more about the Rage Ride Kickstarter here.

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