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Cuba bypasses Internet embargo via Venezuela

by on17 July 2008


Fiber optic axis of evil

Caribbean nation of Cuba, famous for its cigars, great musicians and bearded communist leaders, is planning to work around the U.S.-imposed embargo, thanks to a little help from its Venezuelan friends.

According to a report on Wikileaks, the proposed 1,500 kilometre cable should connect Cuba, Jamaica, Haiti and Trinidad to the rest of the world via La Guaira, Venezuela. The project will be headed by CVG Telecom (Corporación Venezolana de Guyana) and ETC (Empresa de Telecomunicaciones de Cuba) and it's scheduled for completion in 2010.

Although Cuba is located just 120km south of America's Florida keys, the U.S. government isn't too keen to let the island nation use its communications infrastructure. American communications and communism don't seem to be compatible lately, so for the time being Cubans are forced to use expensive and lag ridden satellite links for their online needs.

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