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European Radeons just got a bit cheaper

by on22 August 2013

Volcanic discounts

AMD will launch next generation Radeons roughly a month from now, but not everybody needs the latest greatest GPU, especially in this economy. The HD 7000 series still has plenty of muscle and now it’s getting a pre-retirement price cut.

Starting off with some of the more interesting value parts, the HD 7850 is now available for as little as €129 in Europe, down from €140 to €150 a few weeks ago. In case you need a bit more performance, the HD 7870 GHz Edition is now available for just €149 in Italy and there are plenty of €159 cards elsewhere.

If that’s not enough, the HD 7950 Boost is available for €209 to €219 in some markets, but availability is an issue and most retailers are still pricing it around the €240 mark. The HD 7970 is a steal at €289 to €299, while the HD 7970 GHz Edition is available for €322 in Germany, down from €350+.

As we reported last week, dual-GPU cards also got a huge price cut and they’re available for less than €600 in most markets, both in New Zealand and Malta flavours.

The cuts also extend to the low end and we appear to be looking at a 10 to 15 percent cut across the board. Of course, the prices vary from market to market, so in case you’re interested in an upgrade on the cheap side, check your local retailers/e-tailers.

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